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How to Maximize Your Time on Your Next Walt Disney World Vacation

Some days it feels like you’re just waiting in line after line at Walt Disney World. While we may not be able to help you avoid every line, these tips and tricks will let you spend more time having fun and less time waiting in lines! We promise you’ll never go back to waiting in these lines! 

Mobile Order Your Meal Ahead of Time 

Did you know that most resorts and every park offer mobile ordering at quick service restaurants? When you’re getting ready for the day ahead, add mobile ordering breakfast to your morning routine! Once you're finished getting ready and heading towards the quick service location at your resort select prepare my order and Voila! Your food will be ready or almost ready by the time you’ve arrived! While in the parks, you can also pre-order your meals for later in the day just select your preferred pick up window. When you’re within your pick up window time - select prepare and your wait time will be significantly less than if you were to wait in line to order with a cast member.

Purchasing Genie+ 

While some days will always be less busy than others, we highly recommend Genie+ for Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios days, especially during busy seasons. While this is an enhancement to your vacation it’s a great way to experience most rides in the park with little to no wait. We suggest making your first Genie+ selection for mid to late morning! To make the most of your day, wake up early and rope drop. Arriving at the park early allows you to be one of the first in line for the sought after rides that reach high wait times throughout the day.  Lines tend to be shorter in the morning and you can easily ride multiple rides before the park starts to fill up! 

Use Merchandise Mobile Checkout

Throughout the parks several different shops allow guests to check out right from the My Disney Experience app. Just click the three hamburger lines on the bottom right of the home screen and select “Merchandise Mobile Checkout” this will allow you to skip the long lines at checkout! Simply scan the barcode for each item that you are purchasing and pay within the app. Once you receive the payment confirmation, you can proceed to the Cast Member standing at one of the Mobile check out locations and they will give you a bag for your purchases and scan the barcode on your screen! In the event you have any discounts like an annual pass discount or Disney Vacation Club discount, those will automatically be applied to your order at check out. 

Fireworks Dessert Parties

Avoid sitting and waiting hours on Main Street USA or in front of the Castle for the perfect fireworks viewing spot. A Fireworks Dessert Party is the perfect alternative. The Pre-Party allows guests to enjoy all you care to enjoy beer and wine and desserts for up to an hour and a half prior to the show. Right before the show guests will be escorted to a reserved area of the hub grass on the right hand side of the Castle with prime fireworks viewing. The pre party is $99 per adult, but we found it extremely worth it to maximize our time before the fireworks, and nothing beats all you care to enjoy dessert and drinks! You can even make a POG mimosa!

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