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Avengers Campus: Characters and Entertainment

Avengers Campus is a Marvel Cinematic Universe-themed area located in Disney's California Adventure. Avengers Campus is home not only to the greatest superheroes, but also to Marvel-themed dining, entertainment, and rides. This is every Marvel fan's dream!

Character Interactions

Yes, of course, you can meet superheroes while in Avengers Campus, but it gets even better! Guests can actually interact with the superheroes who are out and about throughout the themed land. Avengers Campus doesn’t adhere to a specific time period like the Marvel movies do, so you could experience the same character in two different versions in the same day! For example, you could see Steve Rogers' Captain America and Sam Wilson's Captain America on the same day. You could also see characters who have been killed off in a movie interacting with characters who are still alive in the Marvel Universe. For guests who haven’t watched all of the movies, we won’t spoil the surprise!

These superheroes are always on duty, so there's no telling who will show up each day. There is a long list of characters that make appearances in Avengers Campus. Spider-Man, Ant-Man, Captain America, and Iron Man tend to be a safe bet if you’re traveling with kids and want to give them an idea of who they might see, but there are some rare characters that make an appearance from time to time, such as Shang-Chi, Nick Fury, and The Scarlet Witch. We highly recommend keeping your eyes peeled because you never know who you’ll encounter out saving the day! Unlike at Walt Disney World, where character meet-and-greets are advertised to be at specific locations at specific times, these characters are superheroes and you never know when they’ll be called into action to save the day!


"The Amazing Spider-Man" is a show in Avengers Campus that takes place around 10 times per day beginning at 10 AM. Check out your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man as he tests out his new Spidey suit on top of Web Slingers. Guests can watch Spider-Man swing from building to building and test out some of his cool moves! "The Warriors of Wakanda" is another daily activity where guests are recruited to train alongside General Okoye and become a warrior ally of Wakanda. "Avengers Assemble!" is a stunt show that takes place multiple times per day. Keep your eyes on the second story of Avengers HQ. For the best viewing, we recommend standing a little bit further back from the building to see all of the action. The Avengers will spring into action as they defend HQ from potential threats and show off all of their superhero moves.

Who are all the characters that you can possibly see at Avengers Campus?

  • Spider-Man

  • Ant-Man

  • Wasp

  • Iron Man

  • Thor

  • Loki

  • Captain America

  • Captain Marvel

  • Doctor Strange

  • Black Widow

  • Black Panther

  • General Okoye

  • Star-Lord

  • Gamora

  • Shang-Chi

  • Ms. Marvel

  • The Scarlet Witch

  • Nick Fury

*The Marvels Characters are subject to change and do not appear on a scheduled basis.

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