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CBTC's Guide to Baby Care Centers

Packing a park bag for babies and small children isn’t always the easiest and let's be honest we’re all human and do forget things! Baby Care Centers have a fully stocked mini shop inside of them with everything you could possibly need for a child or baby. And that's not all…

Located in all four theme parks - The Baby Care Center offers a cool, calm, spacious and relaxing environment to get away from the hustle and bustle of what's going on outside. There’s even a small room with a television and tables & chairs if you have a kiddo that just needs a little bit of an air conditioning break. And trust us - The Baby Care Center will soon become your new best friend. They are an absolute lifesaver when it comes to traveling to Walt Disney World with babies and small children. 

For nursing moms, the Baby Care Center’s feature cool, dark and quiet nursing rooms with rocking chairs, end tables and lots of outlets for pumping mammas - plus you can also charge your electronic devices during your visit. The kitchen is well equipped with everything you might need to feed a baby or toddler. This includes a microwave to warm up food, a sink to clean bottles, a bottle filling station with filtered water as well as a feeding area with high chairs. In the event that you have forgotten something - the Baby Care Center shop has a small selection of formula, bottles and baby food. 

Diaper Changing Stations may be one of the best parts of the Baby Care Center. Each Baby Care Center has several changing stations that are lined with disposable liners and they are constantly being wiped down and sanitized. If you happen to forget diapers, wipes, or even diaper rash cream don’t worry because the shop also has those available to purchase. And don't forget about the toddlers! The restrooms inside of the Baby Care Center feature toddler friendly flushing toilets that don’t use sensors.

A huge tip for any parent traveling to the parks with children is that the Baby Care Centers also serve as the “Lost Child” location. In the event a child gets separated from their parents, Cast Members will bring them to the Baby Care Center where they will wait with a Cast Member to be reunited with their family! 

Commonly Asked Questions: 

What do they carry in the store at the baby care center? 

  • Feeding Items: Formula, Bottles, Sippy Cups, baby food & snacks

  • Basic Necessities: Basic Clothing (onesies & bibs), Pacifiers & Sunscreen

  • Changing Items: Diapers, Wipes & Diaper Rash Cream

  • Medications: Over the counter medicine for babies, children and adults.

Where are Baby Care Centers located? 

There is one in each park which is marked with a pacifier on the “My Disney Experience” app:

  • Magic Kingdom: to the left of Crystal Palace 

  • Epcot: Located in the Odyssey Center- next to First Aid station near the Mexico Pavilion in the World Showcase

  • Hollywood Studios: To the left of Crossroads of the World when entering the park

  • Animal Kingdom: Follow the pathway between Creature Comforts and The Disney Vacation Club Stand 

Can I bring my stroller inside with me? 

This will depend on the Baby Care Center and how busy it is. However, there is plenty of stroller parking right outside of each Baby Care Center. EPCOT is notorious for not allowing strollers, however Animal Kingdom tends to be a little bit more lenient. 

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