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Genie+ Update!

Purchasing Genie+

Let’s delve into the process of purchasing Genie+. To begin, open your My Disney Experience App to buy Genie+ for your chosen party. On your home screen, as you scroll down, you will encounter a purple section of your screen labeled "Disney Genie+ Service." Now, you have a decision to make to suit your day's needs. Guests have the option to purchase Genie+ for a single park or for multiple parks. If you plan to park hop, we highly recommend selecting the multiple parks option. If you intend to visit only one park, choose the park you plan to visit that day. Click on "purchase for today," which will prompt you to select the individuals who will be in the park for that specific day only. You will then be directed to the checkout process. If your credit card is linked to your My Disney Experience (which is likely if one of our travel experts booked your dining reservations), you can easily complete the Genie+ purchase. If not, you will be prompted to enter your credit card information. Guests can also opt for Apple Pay during the checkout process. We recommend purchasing Genie+ no later than 6:45 AM so that you are ready to reserve your first selection at 7 AM. Genie+ can be purchased as early as midnight on the day you plan to use it.

Stacking Genie+ for Park Hopping

If you intend to park hop, we strongly recommend maximizing your afternoon by stacking your Genie+ reservations to minimize wait times, especially during the afternoon rush. When selecting Genie+ reservations for a park that is not your initial park reservation, you will need to wait until the return time reaches 2 PM. This means the entire return window must be after 2 PM (for instance, a 2:05-3:05 return time). Once this condition is met, you can choose that ride. Set a timer for 2 hours (120 minutes) as a reminder to make your second Genie+ selection. Again, you will need to wait until your desired ride's return window is after 2 PM. When selecting rides, your return times can overlap. If you are overlapping times, we strongly recommend ensuring you leave yourself enough time between rides to get to the next one. You can repeat this process as many times as you'd like!

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