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EPCOT. No Festival? No Problem!

EPCOT festivals seem to get longer and longer as the years go on. It’s now almost rare to visit the park without a festival going on. While we do love Food and Wine, Festival of the Holidays, Flower and Garden and Festival of the Arts they can take away from the year round offerings within the countries themselves! Let’s dive into some of the must do’s at Epcot that are always available. 

Taking advantage of the entertainment in EPCOT is always a fun and exciting way to see something new and even get out of the heat depending on the location. These shows deserve way more attention than they already receive and this is a great time to enjoy them without missing out on other fun and exciting seasonal activities.

The Voices of Liberty in the American Adventure Pavilion grace their audience with their beautiful songs. They perform 15 minute shows every 45 minutes throughout the day usually starting around 11am and finishing before dinner time. They are located in the “dome” portion of the American Adventure Pavilion that amplifies and purifies their sound. We promise you their voices will knock your socks off!

The Beauty and the Beast Sing Along is a 15 minute film filled with all of our favorite songs from Beauty and the Beast, located in the France Pavilion and narrated by none other than Mrs. Potts herself. Whether you like to sing or not, these are a great way to enjoy some music, air conditioning or even get out of a spur of the moment Florida rain storm.

Regardless of the time of year that you find yourself in EPCOT, there is no shortage of delicious meals and treats. Here are some of the Castle Bound Travel Expert’s favorite snacks that are always available. In the Norway Pavilion, stop for an Almond Kringle from the Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe - we also highly recommend a Viking Coffee if you find yourself drinking around the world!

In Germany, venture back into Sommerfest, one of the quick service dining locations and grab a Pretzel Bread Pudding for less than 5 dollars, this is the perfect balance of sweet and savory - a Schöfferhofer Pink Grapefruit Hefeweizen tends to be the drink of choice even for guests who aren’t quite “beer drinkers”!

While you may be tempted to leave your refillable popcorn bucket at the resort on your EPCOT day, think twice! Canada has a Popcorn Cart…and this isn’t your average theme park popcorn! They will refill your popcorn bucket with Maple Popcorn and it’s just $2.25 for this delicious treat, the price of a normal popcorn refill! If you don’t feel like carrying around a popcorn bucket you can purchase an individual serving for $6.50.

The ultimate experience for families with children that are exploring the different countries and cultures around the World Showcase is KIDCOT. KIDCOT is a way for children to participate and interact in all of the countries. In each country, children will collect a different card that they can color to bring home, and a sticker that coordinates with that country. A Cast Member in each country will be greeting guests at a table designated for KIDCOT, and at that table they’ll teach children how to say "Hello" in that country's native language and share facts about that country. For our Pin Traders, each KIDCOT table also offers a pinboard - and yes grown up pin traders, you’re welcome to trade here also!

So, no festival? NO PROBLEM? EPCOT is a wonderful destination to enjoy a wide variety of shows, culture, food & beverage options and so much more! Be sure to carve out some time to really enjoy the out of this world experiences - not to mention rides on your next Walt Disney World Vacation!

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