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Memory Maker Updates

Are you tired of always taking pictures of everyone else having fun and only having selfies of yourself? Yes, parents, we know exactly how it feels! Disney's Memory Maker is an amazing way to add some extra magic to your vacation and let someone else take over the picture-taking for you, allowing guests to focus on making "memories."

Guests can choose to add a Memory Maker to either a single day of their trip or for the entire length of stay. Memory Maker isn’t just for one person either; it’s for their entire traveling party of up to 25 people, as long as they are all linked together on My Disney Experience. A one-day Memory Maker costs $75 and allows guests access to and downloads of all their photos and videos for one day of their trip. For a "Length of Stay" Memory Maker that is purchased in advance, it will only cost guests $185 for their entire party for the entire length of their trip, as long as it is purchased 3 days prior to the initial use. For guests who realize upon arrival that they would like to add on Memory Maker, they are still welcome to, but it will cost them $210. Don’t worry if you realize at the end of your vacation that you would have loved to have access to your Memory Maker photos; you can choose to add it on after your vacation for $210. Ask your Castle Bound Travel Expert about adding Memory Maker to your next Vacation Package.

Where to Utilize Memory Maker

There are PhotoPass photographers all over the parks! PhotoPass Photographers are always easily identifiable by their tan vest and camera, but they also usually have a tripod and sometimes a prop or two. Guests will always find PhotoPass Photographers in iconic park locations, for example - down Main Street on your way to Cinderella's Castle, in front of the ball in Epcot, at the Chinese Theater in Hollywood Studios, and looking over the Tree of Life in Animal Kingdom. It doesn’t just stop at those “iconic” locations; PhotoPass photographers are all over the parks, like by the Haunted Mansion, throughout the World Showcase in Epcot, in Dinoland USA in Animal Kingdom, and in Batuu in Hollywood Studios. There are even special PhotoPass locations in Disney Springs. The PhotoPass Studio is located in Marketplace; they even have fun props and unique backdrops.

Magic Shots

A Magic Shot is when a PhotoPass Photographer takes a picture and adds a little bit of extra magic to it! They will digitally enhance it one way or another, so when using PhotoPass, mention to the photographer that you would love a Magic Shot! Some photographers will have guests pose a certain way so a character can be added in; some may even take a fun video with a surprise thrown in! The best part is, guests won’t know what was done until they check their Memory Maker in the "My Disney Experience" app.

The best place for some extra special Magic Shots is After Hours Events. Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party is notorious for having fun Party-exclusive Magic Shot locations. Keep in mind that this is a huge draw to guests at parties, so you may have to wait for a little while in line. These locations are generally listed in the Halloween Party pamphlet. Some party tickets and after-hours events even include Memory Maker for the event at no additional cost, so check the fine print on the event that you are attending.

Ride Photos

A perk of using Memory Maker is that it gives guests the opportunity to download all of the ride photos that are captured during their trip. Don’t forget to tap for the photo when you get off of the ride though! Some rides will automatically sync to a MagicBand, but others will require guests to tap their MagicBand or phone next to the display screen to save their photo.

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