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Mobile Ordering Throughout Disney

Did you know there is now a way to avoid waiting in line for your next snack or meal at Walt Disney World? That’s Right! Mobile Ordering is as easy as the click of a button, well maybe a tap on the screen depending on what kind of phone you have. Nonetheless, being able to mobile order your breakfast without leaving the comfort of your bed in your Resort room is just about as easy as it gets. 

Mobile Ordering is now available at most Resort Quick Service restaurants along with quite a few Quick Service restaurants in each park. It doesn’t stop at Quick Service locations though, you now have the option to mobile order your meal to go from some of our favorite Table Service Restaurants such as Ale and Compass. Just keep in mind when Mobile Ordering food from a Table Service restaurant it may take a little bit longer to prepare once you arrive.

How To Mobile Order

Step 1: Tap the plus (+) sign in the bottom center of your “My Disney Experience” app.

Step 2: Select “Order Food”.

Step 3: This will bring you to a screen that will list all of the Quick Service restaurants currently accepting mobile orders - you will scroll through to find the restaurant of your choice.

Step 4: Once you decide on the restaurant of your choosing, you will select an Arrival Window. This arrival window will be a time frame as soon as “NOW”. You also have the ability to mobile order first thing in the morning for the rest of your day. Keep in mind that there is a chance that these time slots will fill up. So if something is a must-have for you, we recommend reserving your pick up time and ordering your food earlier in the day for the time slot you would like to eat.

Step 5: Once you select your time slot, you will be brought to the menu. The menu is broken up by Entrees, Plant Based options, Sides, Desserts, Kids’ Disney Check Meals, Kids Menu, Beverages and there is even a section that is broken down to be Allergy Friendly.

Step 6: As you click on items to add to your order, you may be prompted to select side dishes when applicable, take an item off or make any modifications if necessary. For example, if you would like the sauce on the side or a specific condiment or even the temperature you would like a steak cooked to - here is where you would make that request. When purchasing a kids meal, you will be prompted to select side dishes and a drink for the child. Keep in mind drinks and sometimes side dishes don’t normally come with adult entrees and you may need to add those as well when Mobile Ordering.

Step 7: Once you have everything in your cart for your mobile food order, you will select the bag in the top right corner of the screen. This will bring you to your cart with everything you have ordered. Double check what you would like to order and make sure everything is correct. You will also be asked if you would like to “enhance your meal” more often than not with side dishes, drinks or dessert as your options.

Step 8: If you need to make any changes, you can click the “Modify Order” button to make any necessary changes, but if everything looks good you will go ahead and select the “Review My Order Summary”.

Step 9: When viewing your order summary - it will apply any discounts associated with your “My Disney Experience” app if eligible, such as DVC or Annual Passholder. As you scroll down, you will have the option to check out with “Apple Pay” or “Use a Different Payment Method”. If you select “Use a Different Payment Method” this is where you will be able to enter your credit card information, use a Disney Rewards Redemption card or even a Disney Gift Card. One you input your payment information, select “Check Out” and your order will be placed.

Step 10: Arrive to your dining location during your return time. Upon arrival select “I’m Here, Prepare my Order”, keep in mind your food won’t be ready instantaneously but it will be ready fairly quick.

Step 11: Once your order is ready, you will get a notification through the app telling you it is ready and what pick up window to pick your order up at (if the location utilizes pick up windows) along with your order number to give to the Cast Member serving you. 

Commonly Asked Questions

What if I or someone in my party has an allergy? 

If you or someone in your party has an allergy you can click right into the allergy friendly options that are broken down by Gluten/ Wheat Allergy Friendly, Egg Allergy Friendly, Fish/ Shellfish Allergy Friendly, Milk Allergy Friendly, Peanut/ Tree Nut Allergy Friendly and Soy Allergy- Friendly making ordering with an allergy stress free. In the event that you don’t see an allergy that you have, you are encouraged to place your order in person with a Cast Member, so a Chef can create an Allergy Friendly safe meal.  

Can I mobile order a meal at a Resort I am not staying at? 

You are welcome to mobile order at any resort, but keep in mind that parking is for resort guests and confirmed Table Service Restaurant reservations only. If you plan on mobile ordering at a resort you will be required to take Disney transportation to that resort (bus, monorail, boat or SkyLiner).

What Table Service Restaurants offer mobile ordering? 

Trattoria al Forno (Boardwalk Resort) Sanaa (Animal Kingdom Lodge) Steakhouse 71 (Contemporary) Olivia’s Cafe (Old Key West) Kona Cafe (Polynesian) Ale and Compass (Yacht Club)

What if I am paying with a gift card and it doesn’t cover the entire cost of the order? Good News! You can still use your gift card! When you enter your gift card it will show you the remaining balance on that card and allow you to enter a second form of payment to cover whatever is remaining after applying the gift card.

To learn more about ins and outs of Mobile Ordering at Disney - feel free to request a quote and we will put you in touch with one of our Travel Experts to help you plan your most delicious vacation yet!

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