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Droid Depot at Galaxy's Edge in Hollywood Studios

In a galaxy far far away...guests will become fully immersed in Batuu, a remote planet on the outskirts of the galaxy’s Outer Rim Territories. Located within the Black Spire Outpost, Droid Depot is one of Disney’s most popular enchanting extras. Droid Depot is where guests can design and build their droid companion who can accompany them on their adventures while on Batuu, but the fun doesn’t stop there. Your astromech droid will make the voyage back to earth with you. This is more than just your average souvenir, this is an experience that will create lifelong memories.

Upon arrival, guests will check in with the host 15 minutes prior to their reservation. When making a reservation, each individual reservation is to build ONE droid, the builder is allowed to bring ONE guest to accompany them. For groups with multiple builders, they will be required to have a reservation for each individual builder. Don’t worry, our travel experts will be more than happy to secure those reservations for you when they become available 60 days prior to your resort check in. There may be some availability same day, but reservations are highly encouraged if this is something that is a must on your Disney vacation. 

Once you’re checked in guests have an important decision to make, you’ll choose between making a BB series unit or a R-series unit. After making that decision - you’ll head over to the parts station where a conveyor belt full of colorful parts will pass by. This is where guests will select their Dome, Dome Connection Plate, Body Sphere and Motivator if building a BB- Series unit or a Dome, Body, Center Leg and a set of side legs if building an R- Series Unit. After selecting all of the droid parts, guests will head over to a build station where they’ll be instructed on how to build their customized droid. 

I’m sure you’re wondering what this customized droid will cost. The starting price is $119.99 before adding on any additional accessories like a backpack. While the backpack isn’t a requirement we highly recommend it, especially earlier in the day. Droids come in a box, but it’s quite bulky to carry around the park all day. Having the backpack makes it convenient for guests to use their droid to interact with all of the fun interactive experiences that Galaxy’s Edge has to offer. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What if both of my children want to build a droid together? 

All guests under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult. You are more than welcome to build two separate droids, but unfortunately all children under 14 will need an adult to assist them. 

What can my droid do? 

A droid can interact with the immersive elements that are located within Batuu, which makes this an extremely popular experience. During your trip to Batuu you will see lots of droids rolling throughout the area, they may even be communicating with other droids! 

Want to learn more about Droid Depot? Click here to fill out our quote request and work with one of certified travel experts to add on an array of magical extras!

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