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Savi's Workshop at Galaxy's Edge in Hollywood Studios

Members of the Resistance and First Order may not have a lot in common, but there is one similarity: they all need a Lightsaber to defend their stance on their voyage on Galaxy’s Edge. Savi’s Workshop is located within Galaxy’s Edge in the Black Spire Outpost - while it's pretty well hidden, keep your eyes peeled for the banner, this is to keep the location discrete to avoid any First Order encounters. In layman's terms it’s between Droid Depot and Dok Ondar’s Den of Antiques and is across from Ronto Roasters...

Upon arrival, Savi's guests will check in 15 minutes prior to their reservation. Both the builder and the guest must be present for check in - here guests will be asked for their reservation number, potentially a photo ID and the credit card used to book the experience. Travelers will then make their way over to meet with one of Savi’s Gatherer’s, who will go over the different themes that you can choose from when building your lightsaber. After becoming "one with the force" and picking your theme, you will be given a complimentary pin that coincides with your selection. 

Once inside the building room, you will be welcomed by the Lead Gatherer who will guide your lightsaber building experience. You will then choose the heart of your lightsaber… a Kyber Crystal...we chose violet while additional gatherer’s work on more of an individual basis with both young Jedi and young Sith that are building! They will get them all of the additional pieces that coordinate with the theme that has been chosen and can even assist with the actual building if need be. Thing’s can get a little tricky! We’re adults and still require a little bit of assistance! After everyone has completed their lightsabers you’ll get a chance to test them out and may even have a special message from the Master himself! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to carry the lightsaber around all day? 

While most people choose to carry their newly build lightsaber around with them during the day for all of the fun photo opportunities throughout Galaxy’s Edge, they do have shipping capabilities and can ship them home for you! 

When is the best time to build a lightsaber? 

We personally found building a lightsaber towards the end of the day the ideal time! We built our lightsaber and came out to the sun setting which gave us some amazing photos in the dark with our lightsaber all lit up. This also gives you the chance to enjoy the earlier part of the day without having to carry it around.

When can I book this? 

Reservations open up for booking 60 days prior to a resort check in day. For guests staying off Disney Property reservations open up 60 days in advance at midnight. There may be a chance of getting a walk up reservation that same day depending on cancellations. 

Want to learn more about Savi's Workshop? Click here to fill out our quote request and work with one of certified travel experts to add on an array of magical extras!

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